Jist (The Marrow of a Rejection Letter)

Over the course of a year, i have been adapting my practice as a film maker into refining my vision for the films i want to produce. Jist (The Marrow of a Rejection Letter ) was a short story that was created with the intention of being produced into a short film. Through experimental creative writing pieces, story boarding , set design and screen test, a full vision of a short film was created.

It tells the story of a production assistant, who’s role is to type up rejection letters for unsuccessful scripts for a film production company. In the middle of typing, their paper becomes jammed in the feed of the typewriter. In frustration, they leave the bustling writing pool to make a phone call to their significant other. When they head back to their desk the space is empty. They shrug off the atmosphere as they reach their station, the half finished rejection letter lies loosely across the typewriter. As they fix the registration, to finish their last letter – their finger snags.


Opening page

Title page

The process of constructing a short film

Page Three

Original writing prompt

Page Four

The concept art and the motion of the typewriter morphing

Page 5

Form of the typewriter

Page Six

Further development of the structure of the narrative

Page 7

Excerpt from fluxus experiment

Page 8

Retelling of the original story

Page 9

Set Design

Page 10

Stage Lighting

Page 11


Page 12

Except from moving image lighting experiment
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Page 13

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Jist A Screenplay

Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 13.05.18

Page One

Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 13.05.41

Page Two

Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 13.05.50

Page Three

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Page Four

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Page Five

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Page Six

Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 13.06.25

The Studio

A film test for the production of the short film - Jist . This film depicts the performative manner of typing a letter and forming the appropriate sentences. It also reflects how it feels to process a rejection letter of any kind.

Fluxus Type Experiment

Building a Typewriter

Building the clay typewriters