House of Belief

Throughout the course of time, the success of the collective has greatly depended on belief in four particular factors; politics, culture, knowledge, and religion. In turn, typologies were developed to promote and represent these accordingly; town halls, museums, libraries, and churches are just some examples. The problem is that these typologies were designed for a social consensus which is increasingly difficult to achieve in the age of information overload.

The House of Belief, therefore, comes to life as an amalgamation of civic programs, providing the Barras with a civic hub that actively engages the forgotten east end of Glasgow with the wider city agenda. It provides the framework for civic activities to take place, detached from the outdated typologies they are often associated with. In turn, it also aims to demystify civic activities, allowing for chance encounters amongst individuals attending the building for very distinct purposes. It speculates on creating greater visibility of civic traditions, and the potential development of these in modern times.