Hopscotch Animation Kit

My final project, Hopscotch is a prototype animation kit to teach children how to create stop frame animations.

Cartoons and storytelling are ever present in children’s media. Considering increasingly more children or their parents own smartphones, having the right tools to create animations has become easily accessible.

Every element of the kit was handcrafted using craft based printing techniques, either using a risograph or screen printing, in order to achieve more vibrant colours and feel more connected to the creative process and reflect the tactile qualities of stop frame animation. The kit’s box, shaped like a television, contains several elements for children to create different types of animation. The kit also includes a downloadable app.

photos taken by Michaela Kavcova (https://www.instagram.com/poupouart/)

Full Kit

Animation Kit box and its contents.


Animation Kit box. It is shaped like a television, the head of the hopscotch logo is being used as a button. The curtains behind the screen make it look like a stage.

Flip Book

Flip books (110mm x 60 mm x 8mm). The child is advised to draw an image on each page, changing it slightly every time. When all the pages are filled, they can be flipped quickly, making the animation come to life.

Poster of the Manual

Poster at the back of the unfolded manual (A3) that displays the Hopscotch logo explaining the principle of animation visually: it changes slightly in each frame. The animation created from this poster is featured in the app's loading screen.

Unfolded Manual

Manual once unfolded (A3) the poster is on the flip side

Manual first double page

First double page of the manual (each side A5)

Clay Pack

Pack of Clay

Puppets to cut out

Sheet of paper with the puppet's body part, to cut out, personalise and assemble.


Assembled puppet with provided paper fasteners. It is neutral so that the child can personalise it however they want. They are encouraged to cut out hairdos and stick them to the head.

Backgrounds, Transparent board and erasable markers.

The transparent board is placed on one of the backgrounds, and the child can draw their animation on it with the erasable markers. The child can also choose to draw their own background. The transparent board is removable from the front of the box, where it it used as the screen for the television.

phone holder

Phone holder to build: the wooden base is where the animation tools will be placed. The top board is where the phone will be in order to get a top view on the animation.

phone holder viewed from the top

The transparent board allows the phone's camera to see through. The grid helps with placing the phone.

Hopscotch Animation Kit App

App to download, to create the animations from it. It is accessible for children and contains video explanations of how each element of the animation kit can be used.

Hopscotch Logo

Hopscotch logo, rules for its usage, and rules for the visual identity