This series of photographs is about my grandmother who is 82 years old. She is a capable and optimistic old lady who has taken care of many children and has always kept the house in order. She was born in Tongshan in the south of China in the 1930s and has lived through and borne witness to the many changes and events throughout recent Chinese History, including The Sino-Japanese War, The Civil War, the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China and the Cultural Revolution. Her story is not only her story, it is also a universal one that reflects the common fate of many ordinary people of her time.

Whilst interviewing my Grandmother, I found that she has lived in 12 different homes/residences with each place representing a specific part of her history. Through my photographs of her and her current home as well as photographs of some sentimental objects that she has kept, I wanted to try and tell her story, the story an ordinary woman, who has lived in extraordinary times.

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