Hivernage details the hope of a Siberian wolf. Between the expectation of a person embodied by a season and the expectation of a season represented by a person.

Hivernage is a publication at the intersection of a photographic exhibition, a poem, a love letter and an experimentation of book making processes and techniques:

✶ Digital printing
✶ Screen printing
✶ Laser-cut
✶ Embossing
✶ Sewed binding
✶ Risograph

Informations :
Pages: 16 (including cover)
Size (closed): 205 mm  x 148 mm
Fonts: Apercu & Plantin
Language : French
Binding : Sewed (Singer sewing machine)
Insert : Risograph poster
Circulation : 40 copies
Consultation : Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (CANADA)
ISBN : 978-2-9815595-2-4