Hear Me out

Hear Me Out” is a campaign that aims to bridge the gap between the general public and the deaf community. Providing a safe space to interact and learn about the two different communities. Introducing “Hear Here“, an app that provides opportunities for both the deaf and the hearing, to interact with one another in a causal manner through learning and understanding.


The app encourages and extends inclusivity towards the deaf community, enabling them to widen their circle of friends beyond those of their own. In the hopes that the experience will resonate with the hearts of the general public and yourself. It aims to help spread inclusivity and be the voice that we need in the hearing community.

Default mode: Just hearing impaired. Not different

Poster to promote the campaign.

That's our normal

What IF one day all the small things you do routinely goes silent. Wished you could be more aware of it before it's too late? Feeling uncomfortable all of a sudden? For them, it had always been that way.

Hear Me Out Campaign

Social Media campaign that aims to bridge the gap through interactive posts that would encourage people to learn more about the community & sign language.


Advertising "Hear Here" app poster (Left image) "Hear Me Out" campaign poster to promote Sign Language (Right Image)

Hear Here: Bridging the gap (App)

An introduction of how the App works & would look like.