Growth In Motion

All living organisms, from bacteria, to trees, to mammals and more, are kinds of variably complex integrated systems, because each of the living cells in their bodies and brains are interconnected. These integrated systems grow and develop through a constant competition, with often invisible rules. One might even say that dynamic entities like cities, oceans, and perhaps the globe, are massively complex integrated systems, with consciousnesses comparable to that of the living.

This work aimed to explore the questions:

Are integrated systems conscious?

Is human civilization built like an integrated system and therefore, to some extent, collectively conscious?

And if yes, is a human integrated system conscious enough to tackle the potentially catastrophic consequences of its own growth?

Growth in motion is an ecosystemic simulation, driven by miniscule predators that compete to eat prey. With this I wanted to create a single, integrated organism, that would grow and evolve under invisible rules. This self-perpetuating ecosystem aims to explore the mathematical, fundamental truths that drive natural growth, while also evoking thought regarding consciousness and the ‘life’ of integrated systems in a resource limited environment.

Fraser Nangle Rose

Fraser Nangle Growth in motion

Fraser Nangle Growth in motion 2