GREEN HOUSE- Site Research: Cafe Nero

As for the site, I did a bit of research on the Internet and finally settled on a small cafe in the center of Glasgow. This personal project is a remodeling project. When I decided that the project would be about the concept of technology, I thought it would be interesting to choose some old buildings and try to see how the new elements of technology in the interior would contrast with the original elements of the building. From the preliminary research of this project, I understand that the building is a Neo-Gothic style building brought by Victorian architects. Previously, the building housed offices on the second floor, and the ground floor was used as a ticket office and entrance to the subway station. The subway first opened in 1896. It is a small, historic A-list building. The original Enoch subway ticket office is one of the most beautiful and iconic buildings in Glasgow. Externally, it is a standalone building on Enoch Square. The building is square in shape, with windows on all four sides and a sloping roof. The distinctive feature of the building is a distinctive cylinder at each corner, supported by the feature of the building is a distinctive cylinder at each corner, supported by slotted pilaster bars. As for the material, the use of red-brown polished stone as the decorative wall looks very comfortable, unified, and elegant. The most important reason for me to choose this place is the process of structural change of the building. As can be seen from Figure 3, the ground floor can go straight to the underground. With the development of technology, the ticket office of the subway was gradually moved from the underground, the opening of the first floor was filled in, and the building was abandoned and now turned into a coffee shop. I think this historical background is related to the technology theme of my project which both of them have relationships with the development of technology, so I choose this place.