Ah Gong Chu

Enbloc: For Better or for Worse? This book explores what lies beyond the “overnight millionaire” impression that Enbloc is perceived as. As a resident of an Enbloc estate, I want to show the intimate side that goes on, the lesser-known parts of what redevelopment does and what will be lost to get there.

This publication aims to investigate and uncover the charm behind old places in Singapore to discover what makes these places so significant, to recapture forgotten memories and shine a light on places seemingly ordinary.

A project to give back to the community through a series of visuals that communicate a place’s identity and heritage. By inviting people to see themselves in the stories presented and start a conversation to ponder about the future of our heritage.


My Grandfather's Home

Photography and Illustration Publication

Tanglin Halt

Tanglin Halt estate is set for demolishment in 2021 under the Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS)


When you don't have anything to do as a child, we play with stickers

Nostalgia on a wall

Where Trains used to pass by

An illustration based on my memory of the old railway tracks beside my house

Modern Kampung Spirit

Pokemon Go has connected the community to come together once again

Part 01 Enbloc

I have a plan to expand this book into a series as a personal project. With part 02 documenting my family's journey in our flat from where we started to when we all move out.
Enjoying the remaining days of Tanglin Halt till the very end