Final Year Project – Between Space & People

‘The concept of how the role of the body as the locus of perception, thoughts and consciousness, by articulating, storying and processing sensory response and thoughts’. -The Eyes of the Skin by Juhani Pallasma (2005)

In a fast-paced and routine-like society of Singapore, we go through our daily routine of transiting through our local community, losing our awareness of our surroundings. How do ‘spaces’ break free from mundanity and allow one to reconnect to the spaces around them? This project explores the transitory experience through their community, identifying opportunities for quality spaces within the ‘mundane’.

A collective images of the entire project


Descriptive geometry - Exaggerating the mundane

Ideation of the transitory experience - A canopy ceiling that moderates light and shadow

Ideation for the inhabitation - A community space that co-exist the ceiling design to the existing site

Collage of ceiling design into site

Sneak peak into the space