Families and Communities living during the Pandemic

The sudden hit of the pandemic on humanity put the world into huge distress. New challenges and changes have interfered with our daily lives. One most significant change that I felt great that definitely affected many people is the freedom to engage in social interaction.
From the beginning of the pandemic until the current situation, I have constantly observed how my neighborhood responded to the situation. I believed everyone started to put more attention to kinship and friendship. Things that we used to take for granted as it is always readily available has suddenly appeared so important and valuable.
Hence, my project is to focus on the idea of bringing people together within families and communities that we have built over time during the context of the pandemic. I hope my project will allow people to continue to appreciate the importance of relationships between families, friends, and neighbors.

The project itself contains 3 segments.

The 1st part of my project focuses on the interior of the HDB flat under the context of the lock-down period during the pandemic. The aim is to create a flexible and multifunctional space to fit the needs of the current of people living in HDB flats.

The 2nd part of my project is about creating a vertical corridor that allows circulation across the HDB block. As the pandemic situation improves, the need for outdoor spaces and social interaction increases. In addition to it, my HDB block does not have a void deck or common area for interaction.

The 3rd part of the project acts as a continuation of part 2 which focuses on the connectivity between HDB blocks.

Events of the Pandemic.