Dusk of Vitality

A card game aims to foster stronger human connections between seniors and youths in families. Members of the family will learn about menopause from various perspectives because menopause affects people of all ages, regardless of gender—directly and indirectly. The characters—Rabbit Yin and Vermilion Eagle are to escape the dusk of vitality. However, players needs to be aware of Thousand Face’s hindrance that might trap other players in the dungeon after all the possibilities of paths are blocked.




The false consciousness of menopause as a woman issue is a misconception caused by masculinity and the lack of attention to educating people on menopause.

The Challenge
Spread awareness and knowledge about menopause by reconstructing and redefining the fate of menopause. 

Dusk of Vitality poster

The poster will be placed in school canteens, hospitals, polyclinics, void decks.

Flat lay of the card games

The card game consists of 52 path cards, 30 utility cards, 25 riddle cards, 9 character cards.