Disregard of Dead Spaces

This project is to investigate the emotional aspect of space to see if it can be used to create a design for people to release their emotions. By understanding the columbarium/cemetery spaces uses, the space users do not allow them to release their emotions fully due to the spatial qualities of the space. Using a void deck as a space to allow a user to release their emotions throughout it due to the idea of there being a lack of space in the future in Singapore.

There is a demand for Living Spaces over Dead Spaces that can be seen from how the government plans out the spaces allocated in Singapore. There are pros and cons to having more of each space. But the main purpose to solve this issue is not to view the pros and cons but to understand why was the spaces built in the first place and how we can integrate into our current lifestyle so that it will still exist even if the spaces does not.

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Yin Foh Kuan Cemetery

A Hakka Cemetery in Singapore located within the hearts of HDBs.

Grids Placed Onto Void Deck

Iso Void Deck with Intended zone

Zones for human to hide and release their emotions

Ideation 1

Testing Phase in Void Deck Setting

Ideation 7

Testing Phase in Void Deck Setting

Ideation 8

Testing Phase in Void Deck Setting

Iteration 1

Transform from ideation

Iteration 2

Iteration 3

Transform from ideation

Iteration 3.1

Iteration 3.2

Sectional Perspective 1

Sectional Perspective 2

Iso Design

Overview of the Design

Iso Design in Void Deck