Generative piece
Processing, Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk Maya 3D

This live generative piece has random access to a database of film clips where the ocean is the main subject. As the collection of clips can always be enriched and will continually be expanding, Discontinuity is an interface to a database in perpetual change.
The software program fragments the editing of this unconventional nonlinear film. And whether the juxtaposition of found footage is cohesive or not is entirely up to the viewer.




Similarly to Virtual Reality (VR) cinema, this piece challenges the dogma of the rectangular frame and disrupts the pre-cinematic spatialized narrative with its circular projection, which forces the audience to be active viewers.

Discontinuity endlessly displays multiple narratives at once, with no linear pursuit.
It is an attempt at reinventing cinema and creating a nonlinear cinema experience.