Dinaci: Home Healthcare

Future Experiences (Pt. 2)

Part two of future experiences was spent revising the Dinaci system.  Aiming to answer questions surfaced during the development of the future world, this new system acts to provide health monitoring in the home in a kinder and less intrusive manner.

This revised Dinaci system maintains consistency with it’s earlier iteration – revolving around a series of intelligent tools that harness and understand the user’s biological and behavioural trends, utilising ‘big data’ in informing the user’s personal health plan, as well as the wider medical community.

These tools are designed to seamlessly integrate into the dining environment, affording consistent yet unobtrusive health monitoring within the home.  In the context of ‘beyond cancer’, Dinaci can be used as a means of monitoring the users’ risk of readmission.

1 - Future World

Dinaci is introduced in a world where intelligent kitchenware offers the beyond cancer patient a means of health monitoring.  Advancements in technology allow regular kitchen tools - such as cutlery - to gather and analyse health data through understanding behavioural and biological trends. This ability to monitor health within the home has its positives, however many users report that the system feels intrusive.

2 - Summary (Pt.2)

This revised Dinaci system presents a new approach to monitoring, responding to issues identified during the creation of the future world - aiming to be more transparent, precise and comfortable.
The user's health status is relayed through a discrete interface - integrated into one of the systems central artefacts - offering information regarding the user's biological and behavioural status.

3 - Film

This film looks at the experience of Jen, a 49 year old woman recently cleared of breast cancer.

4 - Dinaci Manual

The Dinaci manual illustrates the system in a clear manner.