Digital Behaviours

Digital pollution is responsible for ≈ 4% of global CO₂ emissions, more than the entire civil aviation sector, almost as much as Russia and 4 times bigger than that of the UK. Due to the complex nature of the digital environment and newness of this threat, most people are still unaware even of its existence.

Digital Behaviours is a platform that responds to this environmental problem, encouraging digital frugality. The scope of the project is to reduce the digital carbon footprint and create awareness of the problem. It combats the data we are littered with, creating an exciting and mindful new narrative to the digital experience. Its direct impact is to let people know where they stand more precisely and how they can do better.

The services provided through the Digital Behaviours platform constitute in direct to action methods. They provide a clear guide on how to be respectful of the planet and of your electronic devices. The platform presents three direct to action ways in which you can get involved and become more digitally environmental. The service’s goal is to continuously educate people to the point where they are not as reliant on the service itself.

Project Hook

Bringing awareness is situated at the core of the project.

The Digital Assistant

Advertisement for the standout product promoting Digital Frugality.

Project Outcomes

The digital behaviour handbook, resource directory and digital assistant interface design.

Codesign Sessions

Throughout its duration, the project was informed and impacted by codesign sessions and workshops with possible users and industry experts.


Showcasing one of the multiple interaction points between the public and the software.