Courtyard Street

Journey; Staging of Street Experiences

Courtyard Street is an urban planning design project which uses the understanding of Indian Architecture and its emphasis of courtyard in its spatial planning. The project looks into the streetscape of Campbell Lane in Little India. Streets are often a place for people to walk through to their next destination. Hence, it has little to no emphasis on the design of the street. The design concept seek to rethink about the potential of our everyday streets through the used of courtyards to bring both people and its environment together. In the vast range of ideas of the courtyard, intimacy and connectivity are the key focus of this project.

Proposed Design

Design Concept

illustration of the design concept with reference of its site context


Interpretation of "Courtyard" with the site context and its connectivity between man and its environment


The structure seeks to be flexible and versatile to changes of its surrounding and programming.

Master Plan

With the different iterations, the plan seeks to slow down the spaces into three portion; the entrance, The Central hub and the interior space (Courtyard). This project will focus on the courtyard space

Final Idea

Creating of the canopy made with three elements; connectivity, air and light

Streetscape with Programming

Forecasting a moment when the street is filled with programme such as selling of traditional items, dining ,and etc

Empty Streetscape

Forecasting a moment when thee streets are empty and people experience its spatial qualities