‘CMYK’ is a short book set in a world which revolves around printed matter. In this town posters are seen as sacred and poster stands are used as event calendars. The narrative shows a series of posters and their corresponding events, exploring the symbiotic relationship between people and print.

Using pencil drawing has allowed me to explore the often chaos of city living, showing a partly imagined and partly remembered way of life. These drawings exaggerate reactions and moments of conversation, to capture these often intangible forms of expressions. Among these city scenes, is a focus on the production of a poster, from printing to distribution.

This project has been heavily influenced by research into the fantastic Polish School of Posters, where event posters were prolific and well regarded. These posters were witty, innovative, and subversive, leading to Poland being referred to as a ‘Plakatodrom’ (land of posters). Footage shows large crowds gathered around poster stands discussing the merits of each one, something you wouldn’t imagine happening in the UK today. The brilliance of these posters created a unique bond between people and print, something I hope you can see in ‘CMYK’.

Prints and books available to buy through my website or my Instagram.

Edition of 100.

'Smoking Area' Print
For Sale: £10
'Motorway' Print
For Sale: £10
'Evening' Print
For Sale: £10
'Crowd' Print
For Sale: £7
'Club Night' Print
For Sale: £10
'Bingo' Print
For Sale: £10