3 City of Dreams

“We are not just spectators of our reality, we are co-creaters.” – Katharina Grosse

Narrativity is deeply rooted in culture. Culture defines as the “stories that members of a culture measure their identities against, consciously or not.” This final part concludes the idea of crafting narrativity in following a local context; the creative culture in Bras Basah Complex. The aim is to show how the culture (narrative) can be elevated and experienced in a real communal environment.

Bras Basah Complex was known as the ‘city of books’ in the 80s, popular for its niche business in art and educational resources. Sitting humbly in the heart of Singapore’s Civic District, the creative culture is still prevalent today, however quieter. Books, art, music, antiques, galleries and more house in this 4-storey commercial building. Architecturally, the complex’s prominent features are the open voids and corridors that stretch along the shops. The fabric installation aims to amplify and celebrate the ‘hidden’ narrative; highlighting the collective sonsciousness and peeking into fragments of dreams.

The complex is a performing stage. The people performer. The installation highlights and becomes the performance.


City of Dreams

celebrating the rich creative culture of Bras Basah Complex
The narrative of the complex feels hidden by conventional shop facades. By implementing fabric as a facade, it 'frames' the beauty and subtlety of people simply doing things in and out of the shops.
Bras Basah Complex reimagined with the fabric facades. Play of layers & length opens, distorts and 'undimensions' the space, like a dream. Peeking and sharing ideas and dreams; exactly what a creative hub should narrate.