METIS is a library that helps Citizen Supports to establish their role as well as helping them to balance their mental well-being.


In 2030, cancer treatment becomes more manageable in a community scale that new role, Citizen Support was introduced. They are the group of people who have been in a close witness of the cancer treatment or have experienced the process themselves. They support the ongoing cancer patients by holding consultations for the patients in their community. However, because they have closely experienced the cancer journey, on occasions, it could be tough for them to balance their well-being.


METIS will help them establish their role as Citizen Support. The key experience is people can virtually ‘learn through experiencing’ the past consultations. By them experiencing the consultations from other Citizen Supports, it gives them a bigger capacity to understand the abstract knowledge that could not be done through a verbal or written description.


A snapshot of the future world.

The link below shows the video of how community and Citizen Supports are working collectively to support each other and their relationship with the Health Leader Board.

An Experience promotion video for METIS.

Showing the design opportunity and how I approached to establish the new role Citizen Support.

An introduction of METIS.

Mike's Experience Storyboard with METIS

A vignette of Mike's bag as a Citizen Support

Speculative design approach to putting myself into Mike's shoes and brainstorming what Mike wants.