We always talk about our dark aspects, shadow and inner demons in the third person point of view. But they are a part of us. Why not shine light on these dark aspects, analyse our shadow and befriend our inner demons with the one that knows us best—Ourselves.

Catharsis takes a peek into the life of the shadow and what our inner demons truly sought—our care and attention. This behind-the-scenes peek will be a cathartic journey of narrative illustration and kickstarts their shadow work journey, in hopes of self-transcendence and liberation.


Help open shadow out of its package!

Carousel Pop-up book

When you open up the package, you get to peek into shadow's life, where it searches for them and the balance of the five elements—Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit.

Collapsed carousel pop-up book

You can untie the satin strings to close the book for safe keeping.

Book of Shadows

For Spirit, the Book of Shadows is more commonly known as a journal for your spiritual journey. You will be doing shadow work here by penning down your answers to the prompts as you go through the tarot deck.

Air, Earth, Fire and Water gifts

Within the carousel pop-up book are gifts the shadow has prepared for them. lavender incense for air, clear quartz for earth, soy candle for fire and chamomile & lavender herbs for water.

Catharsis tarot

You will go through the shadow's journey with accompanying guide cards of shadow prompts, bringing narrative into the tarot deck.

Catharsis tarot

The tarot deck sits faced down in a hole at the final opening of the box.

Guide cards

Each tarot card with have a corresponding guide card which reveals the narrative as well as the shadow work prompt.

Shadow work spread

Monthly check-in spread




Shadow drawstring pouch

Mirror runes