Cancer Education in 2030

How does the world look like in 2030? How has cancer education evolved to adapt?


In 2030 with the rapid development of technology and the power of collective intelligence, cancer and its treatment has become manageable. Most procedures can be done at home and new roles called Citizen Supports emerged. Citizen Supports is a role, which every person in 2030 will be assigned as in their community. Citizen Supports have themselves experienced the cancer treatment or have closely witnessed the process. They will help the ongoing cancer patients by holding consultations. The way in which communities’ function has changed to allow for more effective way of living. This has been achieved in a multitude of ways, taking great focus on empathetic approaches and accessibility for all on many levels. Consideration were made from aspects such as how people can medicate at home or contribute to their society to further its potential while sharing the load.


Life in 2030.

Sharing how community and Citizen Supports are working collectively to support each other and their relationship with the Health Leader Board.