Blue Towers

Depicting an imagined dreamlike setting where to viewer moves around neutrally, experiencing this interactive virtual environment. Including an oil paint- ing and sound file that depicts the feeling of the setting.


The Blue Towers painting also works off the back of the virtual environment by illustrating the key elements of the setting. Its monochromatic gradient acts as a nod to the initial ideas around illustrating concepts, while still inviting the viewer into ambiguous setting off Blue Towers.

The Blue Towers code has similarities to that of the Stepping Squares, but is inspired more from the urban environments. It has a less obvious ‘path/direction’ for the viewer to follow, but rather invites the viewer to make their own direction around the setting.

Click here to see Foundational Code.


‘Blue Towers’ , Virtual Environment Still 1

‘Blue Towers’ , Virtual Environment Still 2

‘Blue Towers’ , Virtual Environment Still 3

‘Blue Towers’ , Virtual Environment Still 4

Blue Towers

Blue Towers

32 x 50inch, oil on canvas. 2021.