Black is grief.
Black is anger.
Black is lives that matter.
Black is our souls.

Our selfishness.
Our facade.
Our absence of light.

In a space where your
Black overshadows you,
is a space that yearns for light,
a space waiting to be exposed.

For many, hope is gone,
fear has its place.

Our aim is to shed light on your black.

An awareness campaign
about the masks we wear.
We cannot unmask ourselves.
But the first step to solving
the problem is to acknowledge
that it exists.

Black, belittled, Small and concealed. A movie, a story, that fairytale from yesterday. You, at your lowest, everything seems relatable.
Spineless but gutsy. Graceful yet feisty. Tranquil as a forest But on fire within. Hoping that they won’t See right through you.
Repenting, and reminiscing, Trapped on an island, telling myself that time will heal everything. Reminding myself that I’m strong. Forgetting the pain that consumes me. Forgetting that I was hurting. Slowly withering. It would’ve been better “If only I...”
Hide and seek, a game I loved. At five, my palms were enough. At ten, pillars were my shield. At twenty, Black, was my answer. What I can’t see can’t hurt me.
Avian yet earthbound, Born with wings, yet flightless. Different yet the same. It’s not unusual, Just a little quirky. You don’t need to fly to be free. You don’t have to fly to see the world. It’s a climb. A process called growth. A process called acceptance.
A stage, poise and enthralling, yet fearful and delicate. A performance, that shines for Odette, yet consumed by Odile. Perfection, a search for ideal, is not about control. It’s about letting go.