The coronavirus pandemic began at the end of 2019 – to stop the spread of the virus, people have had to stay at home. During repeated lockdowns, people were forced to rely on online interaction and many became increasingly isolated. It was widely reported an increase in strange dreams during this period of uncertainty.

This website acts as an archive of all the weird pandemic dreams during this unprecedented period. It attempts to document the psychological changes of people during this time and the affect it had on their subconscious. I explored the connection between human psychology under disaster and unrealistic legends of Japanese culture – The Baku. Once the pandemic is over and we begin to return to normal life this website should act as a reminder to how we coped with the pandemic, the generosity of humans and it huge impact it has had globally on all our lives.

Home page of BAKU

BAKU - website

BAKU - Archive Page

BAKU - Home Page

Baku - Archive Page

This page is the entry page for the Dream Archive. Users can select a dream fragment to view.

BAKU - Archive

Users can watch the dreamer's emotions in this dream fragment and view the dreamer's narrative of the dream.

'Weird dream' is a modular typeface specifically designed for BAKU.

Typeface - 'Weird Dream'

'Weird dream' is a modular typeface specifically designed for BAKU. The dreams that people have during the coronavirus pandemic are strange and often have impressive parts. In order to reflect this characteristic, I designed the typeface has the round part, also has the strong part. ‘Weird Dream’ has only capital letters and numbers, makes it suitable for headings and is legible.