Associative Synesthesia

VR, 02’21”, Spatial Audio, 2021


‘Associative Synesthesia’ is an interactive VR video where the user is placed in the centre of the ‘associative synesthetes’ mind. The artist based his work upon his specific synesthete sensory pairing – sound triggered visualisations. This type of sound-visualisation synesthesia creates three dimensional imagery that has a multitude of detail in texture and animation of shape, depending on the sound.

In the video there are ‘sound objects’ that have been sculpted and textured by the artist to visualise his versions of the five elements in the soundtrack; sax, bass, bells, piano and guitar. These ‘sound objects’ are animated by the music in the soundtrack and move with the notes that are played by each instrument. The positions of the ‘sound objects’ are head tracked along the spherical sound plane, if you move your head or mouse to one position you get a focused view and point of audition of the elements within the ‘associative synesthetes’ mind.