Anec. Fable from Another Time

“What would it look like if we reverse the common dystopian trope in sci-fi?”

Anec. is a visual novel outcome of the exploration of that line of thought. As the stuff of science-fiction starts to become more common-place (e.g., self-driving cars, robot cleaners, etc.), every resident of the 21st Century will eventually have to define their relationship with technology.

To ease the everyday people into artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation, the story is designed with a more egalitarian view and hinges heavily on emotional appeal; it is also set in a very near future and narrated in first-person to heighten the sense of realism and reliability.

Aesthetically, it takes cues from the DIY Zine movement to evoke a more communal spirit and removes the cultural baggage associated with the more conventional science fiction aesthetic (i.e., for a niche target audience).