ALKA – Cultivating Air

ALKA is a companion that cleans and cultivates air whilst working from home. The device has been designed to live and work alongside home plants in order to maintain a healthy environment in the home.

Taking inspiration from nature informed the basis of the design proposal; to create a symbiotic relationship between two living systems. Users exhale and produce carbon dioxide, ALKA inhales and produces oxygen.  Through periodic harvesting, it becomes a filter that may essentially last forever, as long as the user “feeds it” by keeping it by their side whilst they work. After 2-3 weeks the product can be transformed into a watering can, and the cultivated algae may be applied directly to the soil of home plants – acting as a microbial fertiliser that enhances plant growth and increases germination rate.

Certified natural filtration materials have been implemented into the product in order to ensure that ALKA performs its job of cleaning the air effectively.