A Taste of Community

De-marginalised Dwelling: Part 1

The aim of the project is to support and strengthen the wellbeing and dignity of the marginalised community by improving their dwelling conditions. Introducing community activities and spaces in to the neighbourhood that will promote and foster community engagement and spirit respectively. The communal spaces implemented will allow new experiences for the residents and non-residents visiting the neighbourhood.

The intention of part 1 was to introduce a communal kitchen as a communal activity for the community. The kitchen also has an integrated system where they get to earn funds from people outside to support the community. Part 1 was the starting point of the project, hence, starting with an activity that the community like, which is cooking. The issues found out from the site observations and conservations with the residents were food inequality and lack of bonding activities. With that in mind, designing the communal kitchen that allows interaction among the community while cooking and eating. The plan was to have them cook for one another and share. This does not just help to solve the food issue but also foster community spirit and engagement.

Communal Kitchen


Community dining

Kitchen area 1-1

Kitchen area 1-2

Solo dining

Isometric layout

Activities layout