A Clearing In The Trees

The aim of this project was to engage with the concept of ‘place making’ within the themes of energy, culture, and landscape. The breif outlined the design for a residential music retreat and a performance hall. These buildings were to be designed for SISTEMA Scotland, an organisation which uses music to engage with children and teach them fundamental skills. My design concept stemmed from the idea of creating a clearing in the trees, and the connotations this comes with of calmness and tranquility. The winding forest trails lead you from the town of Balloch to the North East side of the pier where you find the trees begin to open up as you start to uncover the scheme.

The residential building takes on an introverted role, with spaces slightly sheltered from the passing public eye. The central clearing provides a safe and flexible space for outdoor activities, practicing instruments, or outdoor performances. In contrast, the performance hall functions as more of an extroverted space, welcoming the local community in with the activity inside being very visable.

The scheme aims to provide a space for retreat and assembly, giving the children of SISTEMA Scotland a relaxing setting to escape the busy and congested city of Glasgow.

Site Plan | Both Buildings & The Space Inbetween
Section | Transition Between Inside & Outside
Ground Floor Plan | First Floor Plan
Performance Hall Perspective Section | Relationship Between Structure & Architectural Ambition
Layered Axonometric Explosion | Technical Section
Residential Retreat Front Elevation | Materials Mirroring The Surrounding Landscape
Story Board Sketches | Guiding You Through The Main Spaces