Re-engaging of Senses pt 3: Play

Part 03 Intent:

Allow people to re-engage their senses in the dark through materials in a curated temporal exhibition. To diminish the preconceived notion that people usually adopt about the dark. Through this series of journey through interacting with materials in the space, could allow people to feel a sense of intimacy and belonging in the space.


The chosen site is at Pasir Panjang Power Station. It used to be a functioning power station in 1953 and in the present, it has been non-functioning and preserved as a landmark by the government. Currently, it hosts music events and exhibitions and people could book the venue for shoots.

Site photos

What I found most interesting on site was the amount of things they have preserved in the space. Basically everything was original except for the lighting fixtures for exhibitions and the new air-conditioners installed for events and such. The materials like steel and concrete have been preserved and it has the raw and disheveled look that you would have not expect a place to still be standing after decades. I chose the power station as I wanted people to feel the sense of mysteriousness whilst travelling to the place as it is a place where many people could visit. Hence as the exhibition functions in evening, it would be a place where people would potentially feel scared and the built-up starts from the journey to the power station itself. The space is a contrast to the Orchard Road where it is well-lit, however, this space has natural darkness at night and I wanted to test out the experience in the power station itself as it is secluded from other well-lit cityscape in Singapore
Scale of the space, in two different areas of the space. Making one feel and in the space. I do not really feel the sense of security there.

Design Development

To design the exhibition, I have thought of the ways to create an intimate environment and it is the use of curves as it is smooth and able to form different forms to embrace the visitors in the installation spaces. However, circle and dots to create the rough textures on the surfaces and floor for the constant wayfinder that visitors would walk through. Whilst keeping the rectilinear form taken from the power station, the structure holds in a 9-grid structure in the squarish form, in contrast to the curve and flowy intervals of installations. As the site itself is mainly built with concrete, my aim is to bring in a softer material to allow the contrast to stand out in the rigid form. The use of recycled paper has lots of fibres and acts as an acoustic in certain installation area. The structure would be made up with plaster board and with concrete mix finish as it is temporal.

Emotional Journey Mapping

This emotional journey mapping is depicted to curate the emotions that the visitors would feel throughout the space. The intent is to allow them to feel calm and solemn in the intially huge and uncommon space. As they journey to Pasir Panjang Power Station, the en route is rather mysterious and would slowly transit into a secluded space, away from the usual city space we are in. As my intial emotion to the site was neutral yet as I journey through the space I feel a tad bit scared yet empty in the massive space. Ultimately, they would transit through a series of curated installations, putting them at ease and feel intimate in small unusual areas in the site . As the exhibition comes to an the end, they would appreciate the solemnness in the site by heading to the various pods to relax.

Tunnel vision

The 2.5 metres entrance where you travel through a series of rough textured surfaces to guide the visitors into the space. As the dots increases in amount as they head into the space, they would be immediately welcomed with the next designed space. Starting off with a common ceiling height, and narrow pathways, allows the visitors to feel safe in the space before venturing into higher ceiling heights.

Heading towards the stairs

As they approach the end of the level, transcending up the stairs would bring the vistoris into another space and the constant textured pathways would be a series of intervals between each paper installation segment. This ensures the visitors to feel at ease while transiting to a different environment

Epilogue @ Level 2

A space catered at the ending journey in the exhibition , for the visitors to sit and unwind before heading back down to different pods to sit in to appreciate and have a sense of belonging in the space.