Virtual Gallery

This virtual gallery is a digital interpretation of how I would have installed both my video’s in a gallery space.

I found that when communicating to a wider audience my explorations of loss, many people were uncomfortable with the discussion. As a result I began to think about ways I could make my practice more accessible. I found that comedy/ absurdity allowed people who didn’t feel comfortable with the subject matter a way in. The feedback I received from the video The Group, was “as a podcast the audio would have been difficult to listen too bordering on upsetting at times but due to the comic absurdity of hosting a group therapy session with plants, it made the subject matter watchable”.

This gallery space includes work from “What I have lost”- experimenting with direction of sound, as depicted by the interactive speaker variations, this is to replicate the use of vibration speakers in the exhibition space. My work is designed to be viewed intimately. What I have lost is intended to be viewed in a room with the capacity of only one person at a time. The use of vibration speakers is to intensify this immersive experience, so that the viewer hears the audio in their bones. We are all connected by mortality, it’s the only thing that is certain. I have made this installation as a reflective confrontation.

My virtual gallery

The works on display: The Group; What I have Lost