Moving Image

My approach to filmmaking, is that i am involved with the conception, the shooting and post production.
I want to design my own opportunities for making films and tell stories that i regard as important even if others do not.

Artery of MADRID

Filmed in early February before lockdown, a short film made in Madrid, Spain about the intersecting fountains and water sculptures found around the city. In this we see the contradictions between the cool baroque structures and the warm setting.

Bound About

Over the break , i set myself the task of creating a short moving image work that conveyed me (the viewer) falling in love with an object/space. With that, i then created a narrative around falling in love with Underpasses and how they create this intimate atmosphere clandestine activity. The score i made for the film i wanted to be produced with a lofi quality with dreamy guitars, interrupted with a solid drum beat to create sounds akin to how you feel a heartbeat in your chest or the casual rhythm of your footsteps. I included a short clip of a bus stop to offer some contrast in the quality of light and intimacy


A visualiser reflecting the sensorial experience of being outdoors after a considerable length of time in seclusion. Inspired by the illustrations of Junji Ito - the xerox line work contributing to the atmosphere of existentialism.