The Space Between Eyelids Fluttering





Heavy Waters, Sun Passing at a Snails Pace

Heavy Waters, 2021, Oil on Board, 20 x 20cm. Sun passing at a snails pace, 2021, Pigment, Acrylic Binder, Gesso on Canvas, 124 x 100cm

Day Bend, Reservoir

Day Bend, 2021, Oil on Cradled Board, 25.5 x 18 x 2 cm. Reservoir, 2021, Oil on Board, 20.5 x 15.5 cm
Beneath The Flower Meadow In The North, 2021, Watersoluble Oil Paint and Crayon on Canvas, 90 x 68cm
(Installation View) The Long Night, 2021, Pigment, Acrylic Binder and Gesso on Canvas, 190 x 90 cm and The Lonely Sleepers, 2021
The Lonely Sleepers, 2021, Oil on Plywood, 60 x 39 cm

Moon Cavity, Hot Moon

Moon Cavity, 2021, Oil on Board, 20 x 20 cm. Hot Moon, 2021, Oil on Board, 34.5 x 28.5 cm