2030: Living Beyond Cancer

Future Experiences (Pt. 1)

Part one of Future Experiences was developed alongside two course mates, and was spent speculating on what it could be like living beyond cancer in 2030 in the context of collective intelligence and big data.

Technological advancements could allow for intelligent health monitoring in the home.  Using a set of smart tools – essentially intelligent crockery and cutlery – Dinaci, a healthcare brand of 2030, looks at biological and behavioural trends to build an image of the users normality.  Negative trends in this data point towards health problems; in the beyond cancer context this is an image of risk of readmission.  The data gathered acts as part of a collective intelligence; informing the users healthcare on a local scale; in a wider context it informs global medical and cancer communities.

1 - Summary

Biological trends can be monitored using a catalyst mix - which allows intelligent crockery and cutlery to pick up data as the mix reacts with the user's saliva. The mix itself is tailored to the individual user's biological needs, and can be applied through a regular kitchen item - a spice grinder. Involvement in the Dinaci system diminishes the need for constant visits to the GP: the user is able to maintain a medical vigilance from home.

2 - Context

Whilst many users praise Dinaci for its efficiency in monitoring health in the home - some find that the system invades on everyday life.

3 - Film

This film explores the world of living beyond cancer in 2030.

4 - Process

Our world was informed and inspired by conversations with experts and professionals working within the field of medicine and cancer. We explored consequences in detail - 'this is happening now / this could happen / what if this happened?' - creating a world based on speculation relevant to the context of living beyond cancer.