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Teo Wenn Ki | Kiki

Hello, I am Kiki.
Illustration | Design | Animation

Designs will always have a narrative and message, thus illustration and design is mostly seen together in my projects.

My project category

  • Publication
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Graphic Novel
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▶ Second Skin.Lockdown
▶ Psychological Manipulators
▶ Free Yourself
▶ The Last Generation

▶ Second Skin.Lockdown

Photography and Illustration

Trapped in a space for months, co-communal, we realised we have a second skin – our personal space.

In this book, I document my personal space in my house and the thought progress.

Within all of us, lies a personal space.
This space is not exactly a space –
state of mind.
second skin.
safe zone.

We don’t exactly own the space.
Yet, we don’t exactly exit this space.
It’s like returning back to a fetus.
Our lockdown trapped us back into a tight space.

But what happens if there is negative liberty close to home?

1st February 2021, a coup happened in Myanmar.

My brother evacuated from his home. Bombs filled the once personal spaces. We yearn for a safe zone which there is none.

Click on this sentence to check out the graphic novel I made, about negative liberty in Myanmar.


The first 30 pages.

Flip snacc limited it to 30 pages, click on the link to see on the pdf.

Front Page

Middle Page

End Page

Middle Spread

Homeless in Singapore

Communal space in Myanmar

▶ Psychological Manipulators


People with mental illnesses in singapore has always been up against the social stigma. However, that is not their only predator – cults, sham treatment and harmful coping mechanisms.

From project 1 where I conclude how having our personal space invaded by others will affect our mental health (“Safe Zone” is one of human right), this project is where i focus on the people who developed mental health issues from the lock down.

In my illustrations, I warn people with mental illness of these dangers.

Mental illness predators

▶ Free Yourself

Illustration | Branding | Animation

Just like penguins, we yearn to do things we can’t.
Just like penguins, we flew in water, in planes, in ways birds can’t.
We want to be as free as a bird.
To be liberated from our minds.

However we are trapped, in our minds, we yearn for an escape.
Books are expression of minds and thoughts.

Books bring liberation. Penguin is a positive liberty.

This branding project is a campaign of liberty for the trapped minds.


▶ The Last Generation

Graphic Novel | Illustration | Campaign 

1st February 2021, a coup started in Myanmar. My brother evacuated from his home and bombs filled his once personal spaces.

The last generation is a cautionary tale in the form of a comic, showing the political consequences that the Junta has on the people in the perspective of the civilian’s from 2008 to the current day. With the message of “If you don’t speak out for justice while you can, injustice will come knocking on your door.”, I created a website along with the comic to educate about the actual political situation and how to help effectively.

The last generation features military supremacy and political events in Myanmar through the eyes of Ko Ko, our protagonist who struggles to live through it. Based on firsthand accounts and that of my brother. The comic is created to educate the compliant population to stop ignoring politics as it breeds dictators.