Communication Design School of Design Singapore

Wei Guang Ong

A multidisciplinary designer based in Singapore, hailing from UI /UX design background. Specialising in brand identity, graphic design and UI/UX. Enhancing and connecting brands and products to people through effective design and storytelling. I work closely with brands and clients to create meaningful brands, campaigns and illustrations, I explore and push boundaries of each project. It’s no secret I love what I do and care for even the small details.

I am constantly working on side projects, they are what help fuel the work I create. Not only that, but they help me grow as a designer.

The em Project


4 out of every 5 people are at least partially unaware of the risk of closure of F&B establishments in Funan Mall due to fierce competition. As 57% of respondents renounce that rice is the most important thing on the table, 64% of all agreed there are minor shifts in their relationship with F&B brands that will have long-lasting implications ever since COVID-19

Rice to meet you! PaddyPals is a hypothetical rebranding of Paddyfolks, a discontinued local F&B business that offers a range of delicious, healthy Japanese-Western Fusion Rice Bowls in Funan Mall.

PaddyPals believes in a new age brand strategy and held responsible for the community to improve or change young adult’s lives towards the role perception of rice consumption. Moreover, PaddyPals is inspired by an appreciation of the environment and sustainable food practices through cultivating social and cultural behaviours in a fast food society for a better future.



B-Side is a compilation of my work and journal that uses a traditional Chinese calendar to give a different impressions and meaning towards a mainstream object. This journal gives a kind of self-realization, to bring back what we have done everyday for the first 10 weeks in GSA. The idea of naming this journal as B-Side is due to the colour of content that is used in traditional Chinese calendar, which is Red and Green. Red and Green is a opposite colour of each other, which defines `Flipside’. B-Side is another term for Flipside which interpet “another aspect of version of something”. Which I think it’s best to name my journal as a dairy of metamorphosis, breaking its own authenticity of just a “typical calendar” for tearing and display purpose.



Calendar I_v3-1


The em Project

The em Project is a non-profit platform in Singapore. The em Project builds a creative peer empathy system and sevre our target audience from 18-34 to overcome mental illness from family estrangement. The em Project connects people who are able to offer supports such as creative, content and health profession volunteers that serves unique individuality as a catalyst for growth. The em Project is based on Instagram as the main platform, We engage our audiences through, posts, stories, and live, from the help of our moderators and volunteers. However, we will have another platform in Discord, consists of invite-only server with plenty of room, a safe place for our target audiences, who is privacy and security conscious to share their issues.


Maverick is an experimental typeface that reflects the social behaviour based on COVID-19. Our senses have been profoundly altered and affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Senses are under constant threat from the stimuli, routines, and ailments of the modern world. Our mobility forced us to readapt and reconstructed our ‘Desire Line’ that has been structured based on our adaptive unconscious, and performed without much cognitive deliberation.

Thus, cognition is the main reason why it has been affecting us in an intangible way. Maverick let us examines and relies the role of orthographic processing skill that our visual memory is previously processed in our brain. Letter has a history and a physical structure that will cause our cognitive bias to influence its orthographic processing. There are psychological similarity among letters but it can be affected by the typeface construction that leads to confusion.