Glasgow Innovation School Product Design

Ugne Cerniauskaite (She)

Agile creative thinker interrogating complexity through the prism of user-centered design. I enjoy projects that require multidisciplinary involvement, therefore, working with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds of all levels of seniority. This allows me to reach and convey my ideas to broader audiences.

My main interests lie within the fields of product, brand and user experience design. It fascinates me to be able to tackle wicked problems with an elegant use of visual metaphors, refreshing approach, light humour and lively energy which helps to introduce difficult or troubling conversations into society. Graduating during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic made me develope a very specific set of skills such as resilience, resourcefulness and adaptability. This enabled me to then explore a more diverse range of opportunities and outputs. Also, to recognise the power of collective social responsibility through real-world projects that evoke the transcendence of free-thinking.

Burst Out Of Your Work Bubble
Influential Scoop (Future Experiences)

Collaborative Work
Future Stories (Future Experiences)

Burst Out Of Your Work Bubble

Restore Work-Life Balance whist Working Remotely

The project‘s outcome is a system that introduces subtle changes in an environment exactly at 5:00 pm to help set a mindset for leisure time. It’s target audience is dedicated office workers working remotely from home.

‘Burst Out Of Your Work Bubble‘ holds its value in helping dedicated employees to maintain work-life balance, it improves desk-bound workers’ well-being and results in increased productivity of remote workers. The three unique selling points of this system is it’s adjustability to individual user‘s habits and routine, it is one of a kind design responding to a current real-life problem, and is easily transferable to the post-pandemic working practices. The reason behind this project was the current situation of office employees working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, sedentary lifestyles and jobs, physical inactivity, disrupted work-life balance and its negative impact on mental health and overall well-being.


Outcome. Video explaining the system and it's value

Impact. Helping dedicated office workers to burst out of their work bubble

System that introduces subtle changes in an environment to help switch from professional back to personal life at home

Insight. Work-life balance- the real struggle professionals face while working remotely

Context. Sedentary lifestyles and jobs, COVID-19 pandemic, physical inactivity, disrupted work-life balance and its negative impact on mental health and overall well-being.

Influential Scoop (Future Experiences)

The power of influencers in the NHS cancer prevention messaging

‘Influential Scoop’ is a system in which NHS uses the power of social media influencers for cancer prevention messaging in 2030. This system targets young people in their 20s and 30s and aims to make cancer prevention accessible, free of charge, and easily adaptable.

Due to this remarkable system for the first time in our history, prevention could be equally available for people of different economic and social status, education, sex, and living area. This is possible due to the ‘NHS Trust Mark’ and ‘Prevention Messaging Team’ supervised by the NHS that is collaborating with a variety of creative social media influencers. The output of these influencers reaches the young people through their values providing them with a delightful experience and at the same time spreading the message about cancer prevention. The reason behind this project is the moral conflict between irresponsible influencers’ purposely or accidentally spreading misinformation concerning health advice and our modern society falling out of a habit of double-checking the facts and the damage this carefree combination might bring.

Context. Future world map (Group part)

Impact. An example of a social media campaign as a part of the system

Outcome. Cancer prevention system

Insight. The social media influencers is the missing part between the NHS and young audiences

Development. NHS Trust mark and Prevention Messaging team are the elements of the information verification system

Context for the individual part of the project

Future Stories (Future Experiences)

People and patients as the face for future Mental Health and Wellbeing support services.

The creation of Future Stories is a service that is dependant on neighbourhood interactions with a community focused mindset. The community aspect is built through people sharing their own experiences of mental health and cancer. The system comprises of people who have gone through treatment and can therefore give honest and sensitive support. Those who are in the system who are going through cancer will receive support every step of the way.

The aim of Future Stories is to help people who are affected by cancer and are subsequently affected by mental health.

The system will open up a dialogue for vulnerable people, those who are dealing with cancer.

1 Eilidh Young Group Work FE

Part 1 of Future Experiences - Group World Building

2 Eilidh Young Feature Image FE 1

People and patients are the face of the system, Future Stories.

3 Eilidh Young User FE

Target Audience

4 Eilidh Young System Design 1 FE

Becoming involved within Future Stories.

5 Eilidh Young System Design 2 FE

Signing up to become a member of the system.

6 Eilidh Young Collecting Data FE

Using Collective Intelligence within the system.

7 Eilidh Young System Advantages FE

Advantage points within the system.

8 Eilidh Young Design Values FE

Design values within the system.