Communication Design Glasgow School of Design

Tong Wei

During my time in the Dept of Communication Design, the focus of my studies has been primarily photography. After recently being diagnosed with an anxiety, I became interested in pursuing the disorder as a topic for making constructed photographic work. Loosely connected to this, I was also interested in exploring, through documentary photography, notions of the family – essentially what binds us and connects us?

“ How are you?” “I am fine.”
The documentary of my family

“ How are you?” “I am fine.”

‘How are you? – I am fine’ – is a series of constructed photographic images compiled in a publication, which aims to focus on the inner discourse of someone experiencing anxiety. I wanted to explore these feelings in different states within a domestic setting and express them through my pictures, hopefully shining a light on the condition.


Then stop thinking about it and do what you love.


When I entered a new environment, I felt like I was forced to put myself in a box, squeezing and deforming to fit in with the group.


Want to put yourself in the dark, but I was so obvious, I just want to hide themselves.


Bad thoughts overflow in the head, how to do.


I felt so ugly that I wanted to pinch myself to death.


‘源’ is largely a documentary project about familial relationships. The word ‘源’ stands for ‘origin’, the beginning of all things, the origin of ‘I’, which, in this context is intended to represent family. For me the notion of family is like an infinite number of transparent threads that connect us together, and we are forever tied to each other. No matter how heavily I put a dark filter on my home, the real reality remains that we love each other.

The documentary of my family