Glasgow Painting & Printmaking School of Fine Art

Susan Torrance (She/her)

Let me tell you a story about pandemics, cows, fake news and nature. It may be in paint, print, sculpture and video but it is one story and it is my story.

Sally the Cow
Beetles and Masks
All Things


Let me tell you a true story about a cow called Sally. In 1954 she escaped in Inverness town centre, ran up a stairwell and fell through a rotten floor into a dairy. Despite further flight, she was captured and shot – worth as much dead as alive. A court case and photographs seem to establish the facts yet every news account changes the story. Only her name remains. WATCH THE FILM – Link Here

Buttercup Dairy

Oil on Canvas 1m x 1m


Oil, Oil Pastel and Collage on Canvas 0.75m x 0.50m

21 crop

Beetles and Masks

A tree pandemic means dead elms, a cow pandemic means ill animals destroyed as uneconomic, a people pandemic means you devote the world’s resources to keeping people alive and protected. Our day will come – Mother Earth has an army of viruses and microbes – beauty and destruction.

The Virus - Dutch Elm

1m x 0.60m Etching with Chine Colle

The Virus - Foot and Mouth

Etching 1m x 0.60m with Chine Colle

Blue Virus - Corona/Beetle

Etching 1m x 0.60 m

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All Things

Jawbones, dead leaves and dead twigs – and one last burst of colour. The Joy of Painting