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Dimple Suresh (She/Her)

Hello there! I’m Dimple, a creative from Singapore. I enjoy art and design, especially when they come together to create beautiful and impactful experiences, both for the viewer, and also for myself as a designer. Through my practice, I enjoy most the process of observing and understanding one’s story, as a lead up to the final work. My works featured here are diverse and they include a mental health campaign focusing on social media, an alternative newspaper that addresses the difficulties and confusion we’ve experienced since the start of the pandemic, and also a magazine that deals with the fascination of extraterrestrial life.

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Anomaly Magazine
Celebrate the Uncelebrated
The Uncertain Times

Anomaly Magazine

Anomaly is a bi-annual independent magazine dedicated to exploring scientific theories, findings, and encounters of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) and extraterrestrial life.

The magazine diverts from conventional science fiction theories, to focus on real-life encounters and beliefs of the everyman.

Its content explores all possibilities surrounding the topic, acting as a space for ongoing discussion of the unknown.

The use of expressionistic design and tone is meant to intensify the passion that researchers and believers have had all these years.

These stem from serious discussions by well-renowned researchers, as well as staunch believers who have had encounters with extraterrestrial life forms.

Celebrate the Uncelebrated

With comparison, comes the pursuit of perfection. This pursuit often leads to depression, anxiety and isolation. The development of social media has contributed to this due to the comparative nature it brings about.

From the number of followers and likes to filtered images and experiences shared online, these are just some of the many ways people compare their lives with others. Humans Unheard is an initiative that invites people to challenge the current narrative and constructs that has been built on social media by celebrating the ones who don’t get celebrated.

Through empathy and compassion, this campaign aims to not only bring awareness to the links of social media and mental health but also inspire the ones who are victims of these issues by sharing untold and unheard stories of people all over the world.

As such, this campaign includes a video, print advertisements and a social media call to action that would run on Instagram.

The Uncertain Times

The past year has brought about a lot of mess, confusion and a loss of structure in many people’s life. It was as if we were facing countless dilemmas. For many, these experiences took place through the media. As a response, I thought it would be interesting to see how I can reimagine an alternative view to our daily newspaper. Looking at it from a typographic standpoint, much of the news and information is presented to us in a rigid and structured form, while our reaction to the news is messy. What if our newspaper also reflected this mess, confusion and a lack of structure that many people felt during this period? Perhaps this would be a truer reflection of society and its complexities?