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Stephanie Lynch (she/her)

man in kilt throwing caber in field

Within my practice I find myself making, animating and researching. Throughout my work, there is often a focus on community, humour and human experience. The main project, Wander about the Highland games, I have presented ticks all of these boxes.

Wander About the Highland games
Aircraft Safety Card Collectors Anonymous (ASCCA)
Penguin Book Cover
Future Museum
Second Hand Cinema
man in kilt throwing caber in field

Wander About the Highland games

The given brief for this project was to curate and design an identity for an online festival. The brief questions how one could capture the colour, noise and atmosphere of a festival such as the Notting Hill Carnival in order to create a digital experience. I was given the option to create my own festival or to choose an existing one.

The aspect of the brief that interested me the most was the challenge to recreate the feeling and atmosphere of being at a festival or event. I thought about the types of festivals or outdoor events I have been to and I felt it would be exciting to try to recreate the experience of being at a local festival such as The Highland Games. My target audience is the many people who regularly attend these local games across the country, who are missing out as all of the games had been cancelled for 2020 and much of 2021.

Wander around the Highland games walkthrough

A longer version of the initial website, clicking on different animations to show the real-life video, to give a fuller experience of the games. Videos and sound taken from youtube I do not own this footage.

Wander About the Highland Games Shortened version

Walkthrough of the interactive website which gives the user a virtual experience of the Highland Games.

running race

weight for distance

caber toss

hammer toss

weight for height

Highland Dancer

Using video as reference for the movements of the dancer.


drummer from a pipe band


Aircraft Safety Card Collectors Anonymous (ASCCA)

The aircraft safety card, a document found in the seat pocket of every chair, in every aeroplane. Most people have a glance over it, put it back and forget about as soon as they get off their flight. However, as I soon found out, not everyone. I discovered there actually is a whole community of people who dedicate their lives to collecting, organising, buying, selling and trading these aircraft safety cards. Some of these collections include up to 12,000 safety cards from hundreds of different airlines. I set myself a brief that would allow me to dive into the community, figure out what it was all about and then how to communicate this to an audience.
In order to get an insight into the community, I started researching how these collectors operate. This leads me to emailing collectors, searching trading websites and joining social media groups. I then made the first step towards becoming a safety card collector and purchased my first card off of Ebay. This allowed me to actually become a part of this weird and wonderful community. The response I got as I introduced myself as a new member of the group was overwhelmingly positive with many people offering to send me spare safety cards to help me build my collection! One of the members compared this to “drug pushing”, and this is what sparked the idea for the rest of the project.
The comparison of a niche hobby such as safety card collecting to the extreme drug world is over-exaggerated, yet strangely accurate once you start seeing the parallels between the two. Using the hyperbole of safety card addiction, to visualise what it would look like if this hobby was treated as a serious problem in a society like the drug industry. Re-contextualising in order to explore what it might look like if there was campaigning against safety card collecting or what rehabilitation groups may look like. I have presented here a few world-building images that visualise this.
Aircraft Safety Card Collectors Anonymous (ASCCA) is a fabricated addiction support group that applies recovery techniques to help safety card collectors. I used this group to help with the world-building around the safety card addiction.

safety card in drug bag in back pocket

Safety card in back pocket

replacing drug dealing situations with safety cards, making the comparison with the safety card trade.
safety cards in drug bags ready to be dealt to other collectors

safety cards in drug bags

In creating a world that safety card collecting is on the same level as drug use, I have put safety cards in drug bags like they have been confiscated from a dealer.
hand holding ASCCA Safety card

ASCCA Safety card in situ

The safety cards recontextualise plane visual language to outline each stage of the safety card recovery plan.

ASCCA in seat pocket

Having the ASSCA safety card available in the seat pocket of the plane may help a recovering safety card collector in a vulnerable environment.
black plane sign with ASSCA message

Call for assistance

Warning sign within plane used to spread awareness of the ASSCA helpline, for safety collectors who need help with their addiction.
drug deal in alley way with safety cards

safety card dealer

exaggerated version of safety card trade, using the context of drug dealing.

Penguin Book Cover

For this project, I decided to allow myself just to have fun and do some visual play, rather than getting myself too bogged down on researching the book. My initial thought when I considered the concept “the inhabitable earth” was of how the environment change would affect animal as their own natural habitat changed. This leads me to consider what it might look like to have animals swapping habitats such as a lion on an ice cap or a penguin in a desert. I enjoyed letting myself be playful and create some silly imagery of what a penguin might have to wear if the climate got too warm or too cold for him. I then developed some of these initial ideas into a book cover. I found that the subtlety of keeping the original cover the same or very similar, with a simple, muted background, and having one small focal point, gives the small detail of a toasted penguin much more weight.

mockup of the inhabitable earth book cover with penguin on fire in logo

Penguin Book Mockup

Using the original book cover design but implementing a small change with the adapted logo
cream rectangular book cover

Penguin Book Cover alternative layouts

Using similar structure from the original book cover, but changing the layout slightly including the new logo
cut out orange flames placed on top of photocopy

cut out flames

development of initial sketches; photocopying flames on top of penguin logo
pen drawn flames on top of penguin logos

initial sketches

sketching on top of printed out logos in order to visualise idea
hand drawn scanned in penguin drawings

very initial sketches

I started just doing quick sketches of all of my ideas in terms of the penguin logo and inhabitable earth.

Future Museum

The brief was to consider what the future of museums may be and create a response that would benefit this future museum in some way.
This project started off very research-heavy as I was interested in a few aspects of the future of museums. I began by researching how collections are usually curated. This is often done by one person who’s job is to create an interesting exhibition that shows off the best aspects of the artefacts and artwork they have available. I find this quite interesting as it often means the exhibition is framed from one person’s point of view, who has the opportunity to tell you what they think is of importance. This lead me to consider how a museum may be curated in the future. In the days where there is a focus on personalisation and efficiency, it seems the clear next step for museums is to allow the viewer to curate their own experience from home. This control would allow the user to find things they instantly are attracted to rather than having to spend their limited time searching through exhibitions to find something they might like. The need for instant gratification is prevalent in today’s society so it’s not hard to believe there will be a time when museum visits are done completely virtually rather than ‘wasting time’ going to experience them in person.

quote and images selected from British museum


Initial research on museum curation, images selected from the British Museum and MOMA
"skip the loooong tiring day out" orange poster with light green wavy text, yellow background blue wavy text, blue background pink wavy text

Development Work

Typographic experiments using the shape of a queue to inform the shape of the text.

iPhone mockup

This gives an idea of how the application would work

Second Hand Cinema

For my typography project, I decided to explore the idea of a socially distant cinema and what the closest thing to a cinematic experience at home would be. As with the vast amount of streaming services available, it’s easy to take watching a film at home for granted when there is an abundance of things to choose from. To recreate the excitement of choosing a film, I started buying DVDs from second-hand shops. Having this physical experience brings back the nostalgia of getting to pick a film at Blockbuster and changes the attitude you have towards the film and the amount of respect you are willing to give it.

For my publication, I wanted to create something that gives back respect to the films that have made their way to a second-hand shop and are now going to be given the attention you would give to a film you’ve paid to see in the cinema. During this project, I mainly focus on improving my typographic skills and create a clean, classic layout that isn’t focused on trying to be gimmicky or say too much.

This is an ongoing project that would be realised as an insert in a magazine.

Double page spread mock up with descriptive text on one side and blue titles of the films on the right side

Second Hand Cinema Introduction

Introduction of Second Hand Cinema series, with the the titles on the right hand spread.
mockup spread, second page of the second hand cinema.

Second Hand Cinema - Drive

Second double page spread of Second Hand Cinema.
third spread showing the left spread with review on the left side and image of the main two characters in the desert.

There Will be Blood

Spread three of the Second Hand Cinema series.