Glasgow Innovation School Product Design

Stanisław MacLeod (Staś) (he/him)

Portrait image by Joe Habben

Chair's Medal for Innovation 2021

Growing up in London, Staś identifies with the chaos and diversity of its crowded streets. Yet, his Polish background has given him plenty of time in the mountains and forests of Poland, where his fascination with the natural world grew. As a result, much of his work concerns itself with a similar sense of duality – whether with the material and the immaterial, the visible and invisible or the human and non-human.

As part of my work, I alternate between strategy, socially engaged and critical practice as well as material investigation. As part of my masters’ thesis project, Covert Ecologies, I explore relational ecology and co-existence of humans and invertebrates in cities. As well as this, my research studies the bigger picture of how ethics of care might be applied to multispecies design.

Portrait taken by Joe Habben.

Portrait image by Joe Habben