Interior Design School of Design Singapore

Alysia Soon (She)

Growing up, I used to watch my father collect scrap pieces of materials that were discarded around the house. He would then use those scrap pieces of material to re-fashion them into beautiful and functional objects to make our home a little cozier and more comfortable. This has shaped me to become a resourceful person and someone that constantly strives to improvise and seek out unconventional ways when designing. Instead of viewing objects as worn-out or obsolete, I was able to see them as opportunities to create something beautiful and valuable.

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The project examines the conditions of society in Singapore by referencing Guy Debord’s Society of the spectacle. Debord mentions that society has been increasingly obsessed with the material and commodities, distracting people from living an inauthentic life critiquing society by its consumer culture, class alienation, cultural homogenisation and mass media. Although written in 1967, it is still relevant to the Singapore society today.

Nomadism was chosen as a response to societal situations as it goes against conventional norms of living and forces people to live in the moment while being stripped bare of the convenience and comforts that a permanent home like the HDB flat brings. Part 1 of the project explores how we can dwell in the underutilised spaces under the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. This serves as a critique to the Singaporean Dream of owning the 5Cs, Cash, Condo, Car, Club membership and credit. This ideal seen by many infringes on our personal autonomy and distracts us from living an authentic life. It reimagines what life could be if we are free from chasing ideals.

The Benjamin Sheares Bridge sees the annual Singapore F1 Grand Prix as it is adjacent to the track. This allows for the persona to tap onto the vast resources needed for the race. Many of the materials used for F1 have not used when the season is over hence they are tucked away around the F1 Pit building and around the Benjamin Sheares bridge. The leftover materials are used as building materials that attach to the scaffolding structure.





View of the scaffolding structure with the F1 materials



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