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Simon Linden

I want to help create culturally relevant products that people want to use.

20 Year Smartphone

20 Year Smartphone

The average lifespan of a smartphone is only 2-3 years. With such high turnover of electronic devices, there are rising environmental and ethical concerns over their production and disposal.

Simple repairs and upgrades encourage us to use our phones for longer. If one component breaks or degrades, it can be easily replaced. If you want a better camera, you simply swap the old for the new. There is no need to buy an entirely new device each time.

By offering the product as a service, the individual components are returned to the manufacturer to be recycled and reused within a closed-loop circular economy.

Repairable, upgradable and a bit more sustainable

Basic front and back


Screen Removed

SIM tool to remove the screen and reveal internals

Use the screwdriver to take on more involved repairs