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Nataline Ng

Hello! The name’s a “line”, not a “lie”!

Nat spends most of her time doing illustrations and other creative projects behind the screen while her brain churns out ideas.

When she is free, she’s often found being a slave to her hamster, Ino, playing games or watching tiktok.

Disgustingly Positive
There’s A Noise In The Shed

Disgustingly Positive

“You’re sad? Just think happy thoughts!” Toxic positivity is something that all of us will experience at least once where people often ask you to look at the bright side no matter how dire the situation is. Having positivity is good but too much becomes toxic, it dismisses people’s true feelings and an escape of negative feelings.

Disgustingly Positive is an illustrated book that serves as a brief guide to what toxic positivity is through a series of real-life stories from ordinary people around us and suggests appropriate actions that are not toxicly positive when one opens up their feelings of negativity to you.

Do you have a high or low empathy?

There’s A Noise In The Shed

A D&AD Audible brief, to design a cover that will attract the attention of potential readers. There’s A Noise In The Shed is targetted at young families looking to be entertained. Using the element of sound from the story synopsis, it becomes an online activity that families could spend some time with their young ones drawing what they think is making the sound.

For the physical interaction activity, it works similarly to the online one. Children are able to draw on the interactive table and they can see their drawings appear on the wall in the speech bubble once they are done. While on there, subtle animation is made to the drawings to make things livelier.

Cover exploration sketches
Physical Interactive Space