Glasgow School of Simulation & Visualisation Sound for the Moving Image

Ryan Brooks (He/Him)

About me

I am Ryan Brooks and I am a BDES Sound for the Moving Image student at the GSA School of Simulation and Visualisation and my interest are in all things sci-fi and videogames related. I inspire to one day become a folly artist or a voice actor.

My main passion is video games and I have had a lot of experience with the products in the industry. Some of the video games that I really like are the assassin’s creed and ratchet and clank series. These games a great balance of gameplay, story, and immersion that keeps me enthralled throughout the course of these games.

I also am fascinated with voice actors and the countless different roles that professional voice actors have that all sound unique and recognizable. My passion for voice action comes from watching Critical Role a DND show on the internet where “A bunch of nerdy ass Voice actors sit around playing dungeons and dragons” where they tell a gripping story roleplaying in their character’s voice and all, this is way playing different characters is fun and liberating as this allows me to discover different facets of myself that I was not aware of before being a closed-off kid.

Not making a lot of friends and going to a dark place with these interests and hobbies has made me a more open person to things like criticism and rejection knowing that people care about me and what I do. This change is like a new lease on life and I am thankful to all those who have helped me get to where I am today people, these skills will help me in the future when working for an individual and as part of a team.

Talking about myself I always find difficult as I like to have my work talk for me but I have found myself stepping out of my comfort zone and being able to talk about myself honestly. Talking about my interest may seem niche to some people but knowing that it should not matter to me that not everybody has to accept me for me.

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