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Laura Gwafa

Nendo Portfolio
Project Nendo.

Project Nendo.

The Nendo prosed project, located on 85 Buchanan Street is curated as a retailspace centred around selling indoor home vegetation and flowers, itsstructured to be an environmentally conscious space, a system which has beenhighly influenced by its ethical concerns and sustainable attributes. Withthe method to reduce waste and in-force sustainability through consumer transactions in the most eco conscious way.

The space also habitats a small café, a multiuse level dedicated toworkstations for workshop classes such as plant education, ceramicists,bouquet making etc. As well as a ‘Hotel for Plant’ service which allowsconsumers to leave their home plants for a minimum amount of time in thecare of the store. Nendo holds strong ethical values that cares for its vegetation and consumers.

Nendo Front facade

Ground 0 imagery

Nendo ground 0 Floor Plan

Ground 1 imagery

Ground 1 4way cafe Imagery

Exposed Celling Detail

Vertical Garden Nendo Wall


Screenshot 2021-06-03 at 09.20.17

Facade detail