Glasgow School of Design Textile Design

Rowan Tothill (she/her)

An ode to colour

An ode to colour

This collection is an ode to my love of colour. I wanted to explore how I could replicate the colour and shapes from my drawings into printed fabric. I have used a number of technical processes throughout this final year project, including screen printing with stencils, printing with handmade wooden blocks as well as lino and potato prints. I also explored digital print and sublimation print and these processes really advanced my understanding of repeats and scale as well as allowing me to print my more complex drawings and to explore a variation of colourways.I see my designs being used in a home interiors context. They would be ideal in bright, modern homes with bold interiors, kids’ rooms, large wall hangings or wallpaper for a feature wall – any indoor space that benefits from bold pattern and colour.For this collection I created a sustainable design manifesto and researched how to become a responsible textile designer. This is reflected within my studio work as I only print on second hand or waste fabric resourced from charity shops in an attempt to reduce waste and maintain my design practice within the circular economy.

Drawings that inspired my project

Large scale prints that play with florals and placement

Digital prints visualised around the home in an interiors context

Upholstering second hand chairs with digital prints

Plant pot project - painting shapes and colours from my work onto pots

Additional Project

For this project I wanted to explore what my colour palettes and shapes would look like in the form of jewellery. What started off as a collaborative project resulted as an exciting opportunity for me to try out how I can accessorise with colour and shape. Playing with basic printing techniques (potato prints), making and constructing zero waste garments and visualising my designs from jewellery to interiors.