Glasgow Painting & Printmaking School of Fine Art

Rory O’Neill (he/they)

I find interest in the urban naturescape as a site of change and development. It exists as points of transit/leisure, standing for a while, facing erosion and forever impacted by human interaction. The experience of a space becomes integral to depicting it, so I consider the psychological expressions in form of the internal monologue and the interaction we have with passers-by. The nod, the awkward stare or the prolonged conversation. My visual language stems from texture as a universal oversight and archival research, drawing upon the draughts and appropriating interactions from artists who have historically documented it.

I celebrate the miniature for its ability to fragment the landscape, positing its own world based off our own, only pocketsize. Through drawing, painting and photography, the concept of the handheld is relevant both digitally and conceptually in the work I create. I consider the curatorial potential of the miniature and its worth historically by means of being worn by the wealthy and exchanged as currency. The miniature provides autonomy separate to the grandiose for myself making the work and the viewer reading it. It manifests as an object of intense control, but assurance of one’s own autonomy and ability to pick it up, to play or fiddle with.


Some of my work will be shown physically at Part Two of the Alternative Degree Show Festival across Glasgow in July 2021 (

All prices available on request.


Lacuna at the Aqueduct

4.2x1.5cm, Charcoal + Pencil on Paper, 2021

vitrine shot

vitrine shot

Railway Desire Path

24x9.1cm, Charcoal + Pencil on Paper, 2021

The Brick Conserved Sycamore

19.5x8cm, Charcoal + Pencil on Paper, 2021


10.8x7.8cm, Charcoal + Pencil on Paper, 2021

Trapped Tree

19.5x9.6cm, Charcoal + Pencil on Paper, 2021

Metal Trip Hazard

6.8x3.5cm, Charcoal + Pencil on Paper, 2021

vitrine shot

Weep Holes by The Old Mill

Digital Photograph, 2021